Looking for a Roomate - Nice, Cozy Flat in Palermo


May 28, 2011
The price for the room per month is USD425, the Flat is in Total USD850.
We would have to do a 3 Month Contract with The Owners.

Hi, my name is Günter Jorge, im from Germany, half Arg., Graphic Designer, Fun and Living here for 2 years. My Roomate is moving out with his Girlfriend, so here we go...
The Price in Total for the Flat is 850us, so we would split the rent. The Owners are nice and havent raised the rent since ive been here, its really a great deal....

The Flat is in Arenales street, the location is Excellent. One block from subway Scalabrini Ortiz and one block from Santa Fe Avenue. A very cozy 2.5 bedroom flat (85n2) which offers one bedroom with single beds. One complete bath. A fully equipped kitchen with microwave, coffemaker, refrigerator, washing machine and a convenient daily dining area. A living room with library big Balcony with hammocks and cozy furniture. Fast internet, cable TV, Security and maid service once a week. Unfortunatly i couldnt make a better photo of the room, its bigger than it seems in this picture and has huge closets.

Contact me to coordinate a visit! My mail is [email protected]
I speak English, German and Spanish

Available since june 8th