Looking for an apt in LC/Palermo


Jan 2, 2007
Worth a shot.. I'm looking for a furnished apt in Las Canitas/Palermo area. One bedroom, needs to be safe, pool would be fantastic.
I'll be in Bs As at least 3 months, potentially longer. I'm willing to pay 3 months up front. I will be arriving Sept 15th.
Would like to keep it around 1000 a month (USD) I am a little flexible on the price. Obviously less would be great but its more important that its nice than cheap...
$1000 US (3100 pesos) a month is enough to get an amazing place.. Imagine being in NY and having $3100 to rent an apartment.
drucifer - I actually am having a difficult time find a short-term apt in that price range. Long-term, of course it's much easier but I don't know how long I'll be in BsAs so don't want to sign a year lease...
Oh & your comment on spending $3100 for a 1 BR here in NY C- that's about right for a decent apt here;)
HI there! I dont know what $3000 US will get you in NYC, total housing crunch. My friend rented an apartment through myrealapts (i will double check the name) for about $800 US in Las Canitas.Another good one is 4rentargentina. I only know of an apartment in Centro in that price range. GOOD LUCK!
A friend of mine rented an apartment in Las Canitas for $800 through myspaceBA.com.GOOD LUCK
Hi again. I just found this listing on indextar.com/ba
Awesome Loft for rent in Palermo
Cool and Modern. Fully furnished. CableTV, intenet, fridge, HiFi, A/C,
washing machine, etc. Wonderful Location, near flee market. Best loft
in Palermo.
Price: us$ 900/month.
Contact: Sebastian 15 5328-7270...