Looking for bar that shows College Football


Dec 6, 2008
Does anyone know of a bar that shows college football? Preferably in or near Palermo. I'd like to watch the SEC and Big 12 Championship games tonight. It would also be good to know for the bowl games.


Sugar should be showing the SEC championship (Costa Rica & Armenia), but I don't know if they are going to show the Big 12 game because it starts and ends so late.
GO OU!. You can check the Alamo Bar for the Big 12 games...but at that time you might have to watch boxing..
Sugar in Palermo (costa rica y armenia) CAN be a sports bar if you ask one of the owners nicely. His name is Martin...also founder of a more long term, networking expats group here in Buenos Aires. Get to be good friends with him and he will hook you up on the big screen if you cannot find out of your games. He played the Michigan vs. Ohio State game for me last November...such a nice guy.
What about SEC football? There are some good games on today and I'm not sure Im going to have any luck finding them online. Definitely one of the harder things about being away from the states :)
College football is tough to find...the choices are Casa Bar or the Alamo in Recoleta
the problem also is there are only a few screens and soooo many college games so if you are looking for a small school or a bad match up that will be hard to find...

if you smoke go to the Alamo... if you dont smoke try Casa Bar....good luck
El Alamo is able to show ALL college football games live, period, with up to four different games able to be shown at the same time.
The Sugar Bar on Costa Rica (4490?) in Palermo Soho shows more American football than anyone could possibly want.