Looking for job as a nanny


Hello my name is Karla and I was born in El Salvador but I have been living here in Buenos Aires for four years now, Im 22 years old. I have impeccable english speaking/writing skills as i've been speaking and learning english since the moment I was born. The times Ive visited USA I've passed as a native speaker. I also adore children and would love to work with them, practice english and help them with their homework both in english and in spanish. Im currently studying my third year of chemical engineering and I would love to teach them to love and enjoy the sciences as much as I do. I have a little bit of experience tutoring 8-10 year olds in mathematics back in El Salvador and I am very patient and extremely responsible. I would love to work with kids from ages 5+, and I would be happy to help around the house as well doing some cleaning and organizing! I live around the Palermo area but Id be happy to travel anywhere in capital federal. Please if you have any questions regarding prices and hours do not hesitate and contact me!!!