Looking for my (contrarian) Tribe

UK Man

Hi fellow expats, my name is Mike. I'm looking to meet some people that are interested in contrarian economics, bitcoin, equities hedging, fiat alternatives etc.
Basically, looking to form a real-life discourse with people that go against the grain of official narratives whether they be societal or economic.
Few examples - we could each pick an article/editorial and review as a group, or talk investment/portfolio strategy or we just all get together and drink too much coffee and or wine, maybe both.
pm me if interested.
Sounds fun.....only wish I knew what it all meant.

Pierre Smith

"Contrarian economics"? If you're in Argentina, you don't need to look very far to find people who passionately believe in the exact opposite of the basic laws that have governed economic transactions since the dawn of humankind. Many have been elected to the Senate! You should hang around on Avenida Entre Ríos outside the Congreso on most weekdays, you'll meet all sorts of people who fit your description.