Looking For Nice Furnished 1 Bedroom Flat


Jul 28, 2017
Hello Everyone,

I am searching for a nicer than average 1 bedroom (no studio/monoambiente) that is furnished and equipped with the basic amenities. I am totally flexible with regards to both the price (within reason) and the terms of the ‘lease’ if it’s something that I really like, but am looking ideally for something for 6 months or more, ideally a year, and ideally starting mid-March. I am also somewhat flexible on location as I have lived and enjoyed being everywhere from Puerto Madero to Barrio Norte to Palermo to Las Cañitas.
I have not had much luck using agencies and know BA well enough from having Argentine family and already having lived here for many years, to not mind looking around for something on my own.
I consider myself to be a fairly ideal and easy tenant, as despite wanting to be in a nice home environment, I am not much of a ‘home’ body, never cook/make a mess, travel often for work, take impeccable care, and have the mucama that works at my family’s place clean the place and help me with housekeeping weekly.
This is an ideal scenario for someone who has a property and is looking for an easy and trustworthy tenant to rent it out to.
If you know of anything, please let me know!