looking for people to share time and see the city

lisa k

Feb 3, 2009
Hey there!
I'm Lisa, 22 and just arrived two days ago. I look for nice people to discover the city and also to improve my spanish and english. I'll work here for about two months and want to see the most possible in this time and experience a lot of cultural events in Baires.
I've studied in Santiago de chile before so my spanish is quite good.
If you're interested in meeting up, write me..(and also if you have a tip if there's a free room in a shared apartment!!)

Lots of greets,

hey lisa- I also just recently arrived and would like to take advantage of seeing the city. I just moved into an apt but know of a nice one I recently checked out in Recoleta, let me know if you would be interested and I can get you the contact info- Kate
hey kate,

thanks for offering your help but luckily I found a dept now.. :)
If you want to see the city, maybe we could meet up this weekend, maybe there are also others who want to..
this evening I wanna check out a place where you can learn or only watch tango...
if you wanna come, think it would be fun!
greets, Lisa
yeah i'm definitely up for meeting up sometime. where are you thinking about tango tonight? let me know
Hey! I don't mean to butt in on your date, but I'd love to hang out with some friendly people!

Let me know if you guys are doing anything in particular.

Hello! I just moved here last June from New Jersey, if you all would like to meet up def. Write me!

Hi! I'm a student from Vancouver, just arrived in February, and I'd be happy to practice Spanish with you. Let me know if you're still looking for language partners.
I am attempting to arrange a get together with some retired expats when we are in BA from May 2-May25th. Last time we visited in October 2007 we had so many responses and had a great asado, but so far I have had no replies except from Uruguay. Are there no retired expats in BA?