Looking for quiet office space...


Sep 13, 2007
Hi, I am looking for a quiet office space away from home, perhaps an extra room in an established business that has internet (if available). I have been looking at studios and too pricey ($650 dollars and up) which would take a big bite out of my salary. I am looking for a month to month situation (not to lease) where I can work with my computer and viop. Any suggestions??
Many thanks in advance!
A friend of mine is renting a small office in Palacio Barolo, in Avenida de Mayo, for $500 pesos a month.
thanks, that sounds interesting. i will send you a private note for contact info.
I would check the area by Tribunales. A lot of lawyers have temporary offices there. I remember seeing "Office by hour" signs, may be you make a month to month arrangement with them. Friend of mine rents a two-room office for 400 something pesos. But it is a long term rent I guess.
I have a commercial studio to rent at Lavalle and Riobamba. Top floor, sunny, one room studio office. I would ask $1000 pesos per month. you can see pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/13640051@N02/sets/72157602062929302/