Looking for corn syrup (Karo)

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Oct 3, 2016
Trying to bake a Southern Pecan Pie. Anyone knows what corn syrup is called here, and where to get it?

Ideally, the recipe asks for maple syrup, which I haven't been able to find.
What we call HFCS is here called JMAF = Jarabe de Maiz Alta Fructosa

I'm not sure that is equal to the old fashioned Karo syrup I remember from when I was a kid, it might be something nasty for your health.
All in all, as a cook, I'd suggest you make your own syrup.
Here's a place to start -

On a somewhat-related note, I have tried looking for molasses, and couldn't even get argentinos to understand hat I was talking about.
Ideally, the recipe asks for maple syrup, which I haven't been able to find
Jarabe translates as sryup. Cold medicine to maple syrup. I often see the same brand of real maple syrup from Canada 🇨🇦 in several places. None from Vermont 😞

Both of these have worked as a substitute for my Karo needs. Bought on mercado libre.


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What is "corn syrup."

The difference between corn syrup and karo syrup

"Let’s set the record straight right at the top – Karo syrup IS corn syrup. What it ISN’T is high fructose corn syrup. Confusing? Yes. But simply put, there are good sugars, not-so-good sugars, sugars we have to live with if we want our foods to taste good, and sugars that are absolutely NOT GOOD for us. And a little bit of each has most likely found its way into your diet, and your body, during your lifetime. Moderation is the key when ingesting the good, the bad and the ugly, especially when it comes to that holiday pecan pie staring you in the face.:
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