Looking For Roommates


Nov 20, 2013
Hey everyone, I'm Nicole, 20, Naples, FL- working and studying here in BA. I've lived here for two years in a flatshare/piso compartido and i'm looking to get a few people that are interested in renting out a nice apartment in the neighborhoods of Belgrano or Palermo (general area) to rent something. My problem now is that I live in a shared PH and with the 6th and final room rented out there is going to be a total of 7 of us, it lacks privacy and space. I want to get 2 or 3 roommates and find a great apartment, paying 7-8 thousand pesos a month total, each have our own room etc. If anyone is interested don't hesitate to reply to this forum and we can talk more.
I'll be moving into BA at the end of February, and probably looking for a place shortly after that. Assuming you aren't looking for only female flatmates (24 y.o. guy here), I'd be up to looking for a place with you, if the timeframe works.
HI Nicole,
We are 2 working professionals also looking for the same idea of finding a 3rd roommate and to rent an apartment in Palermo, a nice big apartment with individual room, and for the same price as you've mentioned. Please let us know if you are still interested as the post is now 2 weeks old. Please reply urgently as we need to find a place by 11th January and move on 12th.
Hi everyone!

I too am looking to house share with professionals in a great barrio. I am a female professional who is available to move by the end of July 2014. If there is anyone interested,please let me know!