Looking for Web Developer with experience in php/mysql


Feb 26, 2009
We are a US company that has various proprietary software programs for the service industry (pest control, lawn care, etc.). We are looking for someone to join our team full time.

Position background: We have a very large list of clients and we are starting to offer them website packages. We need someone to help the current developer with our current clients and future clients as well as help in the sales process (more of a sales engineer role). Most of the current websites are static but some of them are content management systems so experience in any type of CMS or even Wordpress would be helpful.

We are also expanding our tools as well. The candidate would also help out with modifying/customizing internal applications, such as our CRM (Vtiger, it's built off of Sugar CRM) and SupportSuite from Kayako.

- Development experience in xhtml, css, php, mysql
- Experience developing websites
- Experience modifying/customizing applications such as crm and help desk software (open source - php/mysql)
- Advanced English (required)
- Reliable internet connection, webcam, headset (will be telecommuting)

Other attributes that are not required but would be very helpful
- Experience with SEO
- Experience working with photoshop (manipulating images for the web)
- Experience developing/customizing and/or working with content management systems

We are currently interviewing so if you or someone you know would be a good match for this position, please send me a pm. Thanks
good luck for you and be careful with argentinian developer because they are never in timeframe if you need it or the work is very bad without docu stuff and very basic programming skills. the cheap developer time is over here !!!

I know some good and trustable developer who are doing a very good job and knowing what is important. but depending on their work you should pay 40 U$ or more per hour :) I guess it is quite better to find someone in US ;)
Thanks for the reply and advice. I'd disagree with the comment on Argentine developers but we all have our own experiences right?. I'm not looking for a "cheap" developer lol, I'd agree Argentina isn't the cheapest place to find a developer, but I'm not looking for the cheapest. Really, it's not a per hour or per project deal, it's a full time position with growth opportunities. With that being said, thanks for the post and if you know of someone with the skill set specified, we're still looking and I'd love to hear from you.
I am very interested in learning more about the oppotunity. I am very familiar with the technology stack you mentioned (vTiger etc). I am a seasoned developer (over 10 yrs experience) located in the U.S. and was planning to come to Argentine to escape. I will PM you shortly.