Looking for work exchange in mid-January


Currently I am 24, living in New York City, working professional, looking for an adventure; an opportunity to expand my skills, learn a new language and see the world, little by little. I have many hirable skills, interests, personality traits that I would like to offer in exchange for housing and perhaps a stipend.

I will be flying into Latin America in January for an indefinite amount of time. (minimum of 2 months). I am a native English speaker. My Spanish is very limited at the moment, but I am studying it every day. And I have a basic command of French. I would love an opportunity to be considered for hire and I hope to hear from you!

Hirable skillz:
-graphic design (http://www.adsforbreakfast.com/)
-advertising/ concept development (http://www.adsforbreakfast.com/)
-basic web design
-photography (http://www.flickr.com/photos/23882389@N03/sets/72157622243441245/)
-video editng/shooting
-general fine art
-teaching art
-teaching english

languages/cultures/foods/architecture/religions/etc other than my own
all forms of art
positive contributions to society
health/organic/vitamins/alternative medicine
from the heart of large cities to farming in a remote town

Please let me know if I may be of help to you or an organization that you may know! :) Gracias!!


Welcome to the adventure in Buenos Aires of finding work. It is not easy to find employment and pay is not that good. But your variety of skills will be helpful. You really need to market yourself and think out of the box.

If you can find some online work before you leave it will be very helpful in making ends meet. The is a group on Facebook called Buenos Aires Start Ups that you may find beneficial.

Last suggestion from an old timer is get an idea of what sort of budget you will have here so that this adventure is a good one.