Looking to sell my digital camera


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Any suggestions on where I can go and sell my digital camera? I just bought a much smaller digital camera and I am looking to sell my much bigger digital camera - Konica Minolta Dimage A2. Thanks.
A friend of mine sells all his "stuff" through "mercadlibre.com" or else "deremate.com".....I always give him things and he sells it....the camera should sell well, since I see that here they go for about double the cost from the U.S.
Tell me, how many pixels?....how much memory....its age?


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I bought it in May 2004 in San Francisco. 8 megapixels with almost 3 GB of memory - two 1 GB cards, one 512 MB, one 256 MB, one 128 MB. And two batteries. I thought of MercadoLibre but I don't have any "ratings". Could you ask your friend to sell it for me? I'll give a 10% commission. My number is 15-6005-1776. I am leaving for Patagonia for three months next Monday (January 2).


My husband wanted to buy a camera if interested pls let me know how much are you asking for it and i tell my husband.
many thanks