Macri Cops:Coming to rob public facilities near you


Feb 12, 2008
By the end of this year we should see Macri's long desired Metropolitan Police force on the streets of Buenos Aires. Many questions remain unanswered such as how they will integrate with the Federal Police and where they will operate from. The picture is starting to become clearer - I was at a neighbourhood meeting the other night with a couple of Macri touts present. The question was asked - were the Metropolitan Police about to appropriate the facilities at the polideportivo of Parque Chacabuco for their own training? The pen pusher scurried away without answering. The following day I read in Pagina 12 that this would indeed be the case, apparently for only a few months until facilities in Bajo Flores are completed. There was no official announcement, the neighbours had got wind of the plan when they saw numbers of men in Macri's yellow jogging on their athletics track.

I'm not entirely sure I trust this will be temporary and after the initial seizure of Puerto Pibes a recreation centre for vulnerable children to be used as police training facilities (a more brutal articulation of Macri's ideology is surely impossible) I'm not sure it will be the last community facility to be annexed for this new police force. There is already a recruitment facility in appropriated offices in the park and I can't see how they will operate without their own neighborhood comisarias.

This seems so poorly thought out (and yet apparently is the source of Macri's popularity), we probably have the best police force in the country on the streets of Buenos Aires (yes, I know they're not perfect, but look at the competition) but I fear rivalries and confusion over jurisdiction with the Metropolitan Police could see things deteriorate greatly. Information seems to appear only after decisions have been set in stone. Does anyone know anything more about this police force and how and from where they plan to operate?
what are Macri cops ? I'm a nu-be .... are they like the Keystone cops ?