Mail in BA


Oct 8, 2008
I just moved into an apartment and am confused on how the mail system works...
if I were to receive a package or letter from the US, where would I go to pick it up?
and should the package include the CPA code??? if so how do you find that?
Depending on how it is addressed the letter would arrive to your apartment.
We have a manager in our apartment that distributes the mail to the individual apartments. If it is a medium sized box you will be left a notice and will have to go to the post office and pick it up.

Hope this helps.

If you have a portero (doorman) then he delivers mail to you or just hands it to you when you pass by. If you don't have a portero and building door is closed, regular mail is often just dumped on the floor and you pick out what is yours :) (seriously)

When you receive a regular package from the US it is held at the International Post office @ Retiro, since it has to pass through customs. They will send you a notice to pick it up.

Fedex (and I assume other international express mail agencies) delivers everything personally and you need to sign for it.

You can find your codigo postal here .
Don't count on FedEx to deliver to your home...just went through hell to get a pair of glasses my husband left while on vacation. He had paid for "door to door" service and the FedEx driver said sorry I don't have your package but sign this paper you have to go and pick them up at EZE airport! My husband called and they said yup, that's how it is sorry! So had to make the drive there and after 2 hours and 7 stamps on one paper and paying 80 pesos for storage, 20 pesos per day, he got his glasses!! This is WRONG!!!! One woman inside said FedEx doesn't do "door to door" service in Argentina and that's bull too!!! I wrote a letter to FedEx so will see what comes of it. A friend told us that if the truck shows up with no package and only paperwork don't sign it or you are screwed and have to jump through the hoops as we did...lesson learned the hard way.

Just an FYI....