Major Differences Between B.A. and Thailand


I agree with Gouchobob: there is less variety here in terms of food and the cost of living here may be cheaper compared to New York or Moscow (whatever list or ranking you apply), but having spent several years both in Bangkok and Chiang Mai I can honestly say that Thailand continues to be one of the cheapest/most affordable places I have ever put my suitcases down (for an extended period). Then agian, ilife's not all about the costs.


BKK to BA said:
Thanks to everyones imput so far..a few questions:

What can I "legally" bring in as far as electronics go without getting nailed for tax @ the airport?I mean if I bring in a 52" Sony flatscreen new in box theyre gonna charge me no?

Secondly and so far most alarming to me is the rental situation.Im planning on coming in indefinetly on a tourist visa,and doing border runs(same as in Thailand) but from what Ive read it is quite difficult to find an affordable (700-1200usd) apartment in a quiet safe area without shelling out the entire lump sum upfront.....What are the realities of this situation and what are my options?

Thanks in advance again!
If you come as a tourist you won't be able to bring a TV with you without getting taxed to death.

What are you intending on living on? If you are intending on living on a fixed foreign income, you can apply for a Visa rentista and gain residency that way. Once you get that sorted I think you can ship your belongings over and import them into the country without getting stung for the tax on importing all your personal belongings.


jp said:
If you come as a tourist you won't be able to bring a TV with you without getting taxed to death.

What are you intending on living on? If you are intending on living on a fixed foreign income, you can apply for a Visa rentista and gain residency that way. Once you get that sorted I think you can ship your belongings over and import them into the country without getting stung for the tax on importing all your personal belongings.
Well...I work on the internet,freelance so basically anywhere I hang my hat as long as im connected to the net I can work from.
In Thailand there is a way around pretty much every law if you know the right palm to grease,and I have been working here for 5 years as such.

In this case,should I still apply for the "rentista" visa and fudge the facts...or does that not fly in Argentina? And if so should I do it here in Bangkok prior to leaving or enter Argentina on a tourist visa and then apply once im there...or...are there other options?


Hmmm... I'm not 100% sure on the process so best check with the consulate but I think you have to have a lawyer or someone official guarantee your income. If you search the site for visa rentista i'm pretty sure this has been covered before.

If you want to bring things into the country its important to get your residency sorted beforehand, but depends on how much stuff you are planning on bringing in. Are you going to ship all your belongings? If you're just turning up with suitcases its a lot simpler.


fair enough I will head over to the Argentine Embassy in BKK and check it out.

Since I have read elsewhere here that electronics are very expensive,and im a typical male that likes his electronics,what exactly does the term "expensive" entail? Like if I wanted a Sony flatscreen 42-52 inches,whats that gonna cost in BA?
A 52" Sony tv cost 5 grand in NYC was double that here in Bangkok,and in Singapore same tv was 25 grand!!!

Also anyone care to chime in on the rental question....are tourist visa holders required to pay the entire stay up front,or are there exceptions to that?

Also since I couldnt find this topic covered elsewhere I will ask it here.

Dating Argentine women is easy,hard,stupid,ill advised? Is it a situation like here in Thailand where the girl will date you,not because she likes you,but rather because its a chance for her to get a foreigner to support her family?
My "espanol" is not so how does that effect dating Argentine women?

Thanks again


I will throw in my thoughts....
dont bring any big electronics..... bring a ipod.. bring a laptop.. they cant hassle you for those.....i have brought in a ton of stuff and you just say i am here for 3 or 6 months as a tourist and they wave you through with almost anything
just come in as a tourist.. you get three months as a tourist... i think thailand is only 1 month.... no problem getting another three months just go have lunch in colonia uruguay and and come back.. it is a great nice day....
women here are much better than thailand in my experience.... women here love argentina they arent trying to escape... they like it here.. sure they might date you thinking you have a little money and can buy them some things... but i think there isnt that .. take me to the states mindset here at all!!!! they arent as bad as women in california hahahaha just kidding
you should just rent a place for 6 months with a rental company ..adelsur is one i used a long time ago before i bought a place... there are a million you wont have to front all the money... plus a rental apt with them will be furnished and have everything... rent for 3, 4,5, 6 months.. then that gives you time to figure out what you want to rent.. or maybe you will find someone to rent a room from or whatever..... well good luck to you.... yes the food is somewhat the same.. but you can always cook and you have to search out things.... I like the food.. but pasta pizza and steaks are good for me!!!! well i think argentina is going to be a good change for you... you will like the weather i am sure... not 105 here very often!! well good luck!!!!:cool:


Electronics, like your TVs, you can look at probably double the price in the States (I'm familiar with those prices is why I quote them).

With apartments, there are two types of rental - temporary (not longer contract than 6 months legally) and 2 year leases (the norm for residents). Lack of a more permanent visa is not a problem for either of those.

The temporary apartments will require the money up front. It's just the way it is. I have never heard of anyone renting a temporary apartment on making payments as you go.

However, you can sign a two month agreement, and tell the owner that you want to reserve the following two months, and then write a new contract and go on that way, paying the length of the contract. You have to talk to the owner up front so that they don't schedule someone else in there. Temporary apartments here are often in demand, particularly in the summer when more tourists come.

Some owners may only let you occupy their apartment for 6 months, no matter the term of the actual contracts. People are VERY untrusting here to people occupying their apartments because the laws are so against the owners and for the occupants that it is very hard to get someone out of ana partment, particularly if they have been there for more than 6 months.

In fact, you have to normally have property to use as a gaurantee to rent an apartment for a long term lease.

It's possible to find an apartment somewhere that is being rented directly by an owner, and they may make some kind of deal with you related to being able to rent on a more permanent basis, but it takes time to make contacts and get all that worked out.

As far as the visa goes, you can probably figure out some way to get it to work, but I would not suggest doing something that is not a no-brainer (like having a work contract or being married to a resident) by yourself.

I've made a recomendation in a couple of places for a lawyer that I use and is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy and charges low fixed rates.

As far as dating an Argentina - I know what you're talking about as far as dating just about anyone in Thailand because you're a foreigner, rich (in relation to them certianly) and they have a hope of something more permanent that could elad to a big change for them.

You won't see that kind of attitude here. Argentinas aren't looking for a foreigner to "take them away" from their world. It's more of a normal dating process and you will probably have to spend some time to get to know people and such. Can't speak to one night stands though...

As far as the food - well, everyone has their own opinion. To me, the food here is very bland and unimaginative for the most part. There are exceptions to that, but be ready to eat Parilla, Pizza and Pasta normally. In fact, the Argentine food is usually without much spice - if you put a little bit iof black pepper on food they eat, they may be fanning their mouth with the picante it gives them.

I am from Texas, where we like things hotter and spicier, so maybe a lot of this is just me, but most of my friends here agree with the food comments.

No Moss

Yeah, I'm currently in Bangkok and pondering a move to BAs. For sure, good beef, cheese, and wine are cheaper in BAs. They are expensive as hell in Thailand. On the other hand, you can always find a good deal on electronics in the Land of Smiles/LOS.

I'm moving because I speak modestly good Spanish (intermediate or better), and I miss Western culture after ten years in Asia. And I'd like a chance to get bored on beef and wine for a while. ;)

Like the original poster (OP), I'm concerned about rents, inflation, and safety.

I'm bringing an income of about US$1800 to Thailand, and enough cash to pay for multiple months rent in advance. I'm an older single guy in reasonably good health. I've taught English in Asia for ten years, and I have a degree and a cert. I'm an American from Los Angeles, with a slightly detectable southern accent.

I'm guessing I'll be able to score about 500 pesos a week teaching after the holidays. Will that total income be OK to live comfortably (small apartment in a nice area) in BAs?