Marrying an argentinian permanent resident


Apr 22, 2009
I haven’t posted here in a while, however, I have been helped immensely by the patrons of this website and I am very grateful to that.
Having said that, I present to you my dilemma.
My wife is a citizen of the U.S and a Permanent Resident of Argentina.
Both her parents are Argentine citizens.
She has a DNI and her passport is stamped as a permanent resident.
We are in the process of moving to Argentina and as far as I know, a permanent resident has the same right (except for voting) as a citizen.
My question is, as I am married to her and we plan to settle in Argentina, what will be my status?
What will be the process to complete my paperwork?
How long will it take and will I be able to acquire a work permit in Argentina?
Thanks once again guys for all your help, have a good one.

Seems your wife lived all her life in the US and never obtained Argentine citizenship. Your question is for an immigration lawyer however my guess is that you have no right to residence in Argentina. From what I know, permanent residence must be applied for by each person. You will probably have to apply for another type of renewable visa - or your wife can get Argentine citizenship which should qualify you to live here. Anyway, I am stating what I THINK is true. To get FACTS you need an immigration lawyer - or go personally to Migraciones in Retiro and ask. Be patient and prepare yourself for long waits and extreme disorganization and possibly conflicting answers!