Medical School in Argentina


Hello all,

I am a graduate of a 4 year institution and currently live in Southern California and I am thinking about medical school in Argentina due to costs.
I am fluent in Spanish (not medical Spanish), my parents are from Argentina and I have visited many times, I also hold dual citizenship, from the US and from Argentina, I also still have some family in Santa Fe.

I know this topic has been done before, but I believe it is a few years old now and I was looking to see if there was anything new about the subject.

My goal is to eventually practice medicine in the US.
I have read about the many obstacles an FMG has to go through to be accepted into a residency in the US after studying in a foreign country, so I am looking for anyone that has gone through this or is currently going through this.

Thank you!
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My wife did this but it was several years ago. The Student Doctor Network might be a better place to post this question, there is a section for IMGs.