Meetup again


Jun 3, 2009
Alright, Ive had some more requests to put together another meetup. Our last one didnt go so well cause the bar was crowded and it was not easy to decipher who was with the group and who wasn't. With more people interested, I thought I would choose a quieter bar (Bar Uriarte) with more room, less noise and not nearly as busy. So if anyone has any interest, Thursday night at 10 PM we will be at Bar Uriarte. This place usually isnt that packed and not that loud so it should work better. Someone messaged me about wearing something to identify myself, so I guess I can wear a red jacket if that might help???

As I said, a few people have expressed interest and if other people are interested I think it could be fun. So Bar Uriarte at 10??? Any interest? Also if you get there right before 10, its 2 x 1.