Mercado Pago and new Central Bank regulation


I gave it another go today, trying to upload a photo of myself with my notebook camera. I even held a flashlight on my face and tried standing at various points in front of the camera which is at eye level. Nothing worked after many attempts in the course of 15 minutes. The system has my DNI already. I'm so close to the finish line. The deadline is in three days.

What could I be doing wrong? Do you have any suggestion?


I’m wondering if what cafeamericano wrote above is true, is the resolution of your notebook camera low enough that Mercadopago thinks you’re taking a photo of a photo?


I complied with this requirement about a year ago when asked to do so by mercado libre (which, of course, is connected to mercado pago).

Fortunately, I had photos of my DNI that I took when it was new. It had degraded since it was issued and I seriously doubt if I could have taken acceptable photos of it.

I successfully uploaded the photos of the DNI, but I had difficulty taking an acceptable photo of my face with my webcam.

I was clean shaven and had short hair when my DNI photo was taken.

To get an accceptable photo, I wet my hair and brushed it straight back, but that wasn't enough.

I also had to shave my facial hair...and that worked.

Ronnie Hotdogs

Paying with cash is not possible anymore on Mercado Libre as far as I know. You must use mercado pago.
If you select efectivo en puntos de pago you can? In rapipago or pago fácil?

I use cash all the time but getting a bit awkward now with inflation and a $1000 bill being the biggest! Need a money clip.
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