Muhammad Ali Greatest Of The Heavyweights Dead At 74

D.B. Cooper

Oct 7, 2012
Always liked him, he was truly the greatest of his generation.
I think the fights with Smoking Joe Frazier did a lot of damage way after the fights had finished.
Very sad indeed.

I recently finished reading his autobiography, "The Soul of a Butterfly," and found it very well written and insightful. I've always admired him for what I knew about him from boxing, but the book shows a side of Ali that was not as well known to the public. I learned to admire him not only for his impressive sportsmanship, but also regarding his objection to and refusal to fight in the Vietnam War. He had a very noble heart, and made it a point to be very good to his fans. People nowadays could learn from that.


"Live every day as if it were your last, because someday you're going to be right." - Muhammad Ali
Every now and a very looooooong then. ... a bigger than life legend will be born to transcend time.

They live on, ... and never die.

Wish someday death can be beaten.

Boxing is a cruel sport.