Multi country Expats - Worst place/Best place


Mar 17, 2008
Was just wondering about the experiences of the long time, multi country expats on here (those that have spent substancial time in numerous countries throughout the world - be it for work, adventure, love, or just to escape your home country for whatever reason. What turned out to be your best adventure and what turned out to be your worst? I asked this partly as a good Pro Travel Photographer friend of mine has decided to make Bali (Indonesia) his home (used to live at the beach near Venice in Southern California) and is having a giant multi floor spread built on 5 acres of land that he bought there about 3 years ago. So far, when we do talk by phone or E-mail, he sounds like he's really doing the right thing. Work on it is going very slow (as expected) but it's starting to look really good !!........

As many on here know, Bali is a very inexpensive place to live. It happens to be one of my favorite places on earth except for the extreme heat/humidity which would probably be the biggest negative to deal with. Besides that it sounds like a very nice idea. He should have the entire place finished in about 6 to 8 months. Made me wonder about the experiences in other countries by some of the expats on here - what were your favorite places (or maybe BA is the place) and which ones were the horrible ones?? Would love to hear any and all stories, Muchas Gracias, Dudester
Come on Expat gang, no one has lived anywhere but their home country and BA? Be an amigo/amiga and leave a comment por favor..... Dudester's beggin'
Hey Dudestar, my name is Chris... have lived in a few countries; USA, Germany, Austria, Turkey (the last 7.5, had to get away from Bush), for a total of about 38 years, 20 of which were in the US. I have been traveling since I was born (dad was an airline pilot)...I am an advertising/fashion photographer/artist/traveler guy.... For work I have to live in a big city, full of talent, work options, good standard of living, parks, museums, good food, multi cultural... seems like I found what I am looking for.... Don't mind the whiners on this it seems, you know..they all 1st timers (the whiners or is it wieners?...not to be mistaken for people from Wien, Austria...they don't complain as much as the Americans and English :p) I plan to "retire" if that is the right word, in the next few years.. by retire I mean, probably move out of the big city life... buy a nice little house by the sea, grow some wine, have a few animals, sculpt, travel, work when I feel like it etc etc etc... So will probably just be in BsAs for a few years, who knows? One thing I don't want to do is bitch all the time...if by some slim chance I became a "bitcher"...would have to retire sooner :pThat being said.. I am loving this place...No I am not wearing rose glasses you sniveling little (expletives)... as I am sure you have noticed, much of the complaining you read here is based on ignorance, confusion of new things/places, fear of the new/unknown.... some people do have rational complaints, as one can find in any society... as far as I am concerned...with my income, travels, experience....I think I have a good grasp on what is and what is not worth worrying about.... this is the place for me

until it isn't :)