Music Store?


Mar 10, 2010
I don't know where this thread should go so I just threw it in the Newcomers Forum, as I am new to the site.

The reason for the post, however, is that I'm looking for a music store in (hopefully) Palermo. I need to find a place that sells banjo strings. Hopefully a harmonica in G too.

Just take the Subte down to the microcento.
The music stores are all in one area, near Sarimiento and Callao.
The whole neighborhood is full of them.
Yeah, walk along Talchuano between Corrientes y Rivadavia and you'll pass about 15 stores! A delight for musicians. I bought a lovely (and not expensive) Arg made acoustic guitar there last week.
Thanks a lot.
I went to Sarimient and found a ton of stores. The ones that didn't have what I was looking for were happy to point me in the right direction.
Hey Tron, if you´re an authentic gringo and you play country or bluegrass, Henry, a friend of mine is always looking for the real deal for his country project. Here´s the website... his name is Henry and I played a few gigs with his band down in Pinamar earlier this year. He plays banjo, guitar, and lapslide and could help you find what you need. Suerte, Bronson