My wife (Argentinian) claims you can live "well" on $1500 a month in Argentina. True?


PS2: The current income requirement of $30.000 pesos per month for the visa rentista is less than $700 USD, but the $30K peso level replaced the previous level of $8.000 (in one day). When both of those amounts took effect they were the equivalent of about $2,000 USD and the next increase is long overdue.


the $1500 is not even enough to cover a monthly rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in a decent barrio, unless you luck out by some miracle. .
I'm not sure I agree with this. Life is a lot more expensive for expats without an Argentinian partner because one finds oneself having to rent without a garantía. Usually, this is a furnished apartment which is priced in Dollars because it´s meant for foreigners.

With an Argentine partner, you can get a 2-year lease and furnish your own apartment which costs less than half the price and it would be in pesos. Look in zonaprop.

you can find a nice 2 bedroom apartment for around $600 (ARS 25000 today) in a decent neighborhood such as Caballito, Almagro, Villa Ortuzar.

I have no idea of the prices of school. Public transport is cheap and you don´t need a car. Eating at home is cheaper than the US, but going out is about the same price as in a US major city.

Health insurance is not particularly cheap, but I do have the second best insurance in Argentina and pay 1/3 of what I spend in the US when you add all the copays and bullshit fees and whatnots and the quality of care is significantly better. They´ll do a CAT scan for just a cough if they suspect pneumonia. Never any copays or paperwork or whatever. Just pay a monthly fee.

For the same standard of living, BA is cheaper than any US major city if you don´t have a car. Having an Argentinean as a partner makes things a lot cheaper and easier too. Most expat frustrations come from having foreign incomes, phones, bank accounts, etc and living outside of the system.

BTW. congrats on the pregnancy!! and the baby is legally entitled to Argentine citizenship no matter where he or she is born =)