Native English Graduate From Top Uk University Seeking Job


Sep 21, 2015
I am a Philosophy and Politics (MA) graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I am looking to come out to BA on my gap year and live there for 5 months. I would like to find some paid work so I can pay for Spanish lessons.

I have experience in:

- law (mainly criminal, also corporate and real estate)
- journalism (TV and print)
- personal tuition (English Lit, Lang, History, Politics, Philosophy)
- marketing (fashion)
- executive assistant/PA
- babysitting

If you know of anyone or are looking for any help yourself please get in touch! I can provide a CV and references.
You will most certainly find something. I'd recommend this website as a first step. Those are people looking to hire Native English speakers for different jobs and I'm sure you will find one soon. Best of luck! Drop me a PM if you get to come to Buenos Aires. My boyfriend is a Native Argentinean and he's been giving speaking lessons for a few months.
I saw this job... Think I might apply for it myself:
Since you have some journalism background you might try the BA Herald.
BA's oldest English language newspaper. It was founded in 1876.
Good luck.