Need a babysitter.


Apr 8, 2009
Hello everyone, I am looking for a sweet and loving person to look after my 17 month old daughter in the evenings(once or twice a week) late nights more precisely as Portenos like to start it late :) Anyway she will be asleep by the time we go out so all I need is somebody to be there with her.

If you interested then we'd start with a couple of hours in the afternoon just so she can get used to you, then you will look after her at nights probably once a week or twice if there's something on. The days I will be more likely to need a babysitter would be on saturdays, but not everysaturday.

please call me if you are interested: 4300 0051

hey, thanks for replying, no it doesn't have to, I just want that the person looking after maya is loving and caring and really don't mind staying till late while we are out. We'd like to have someone permanently this time, we might even have a fixed schedule just so you can plan other babysitting around that and make some stable income.

Thanks a lot for replying.
Philip(Fifilafiloche), I am very unhappy with your recomendation. Thanks for giving me a bitterfeeling about Celina which won't return my calls. She came to my house and met us and even agreed to get paid 20 pesos an hour which I thought that was fine by her and doubled because it is new years. and yet she just disappeared, i don't think she is in need of money at all.
I just wish she had the dignity and could at least let me know a little in advance just so i could reorganise myself.
Hello Sony,

I m surprised. It doesnt make sense that she did all the way to your house and didnt show up. I ll call her to find out what happened, your pay is VERY fine. If she can t explain, i ll have to stop recommending her.
I got in touch with her after ringing her house, spoke to her sister before and asked please to just having Celina answering my calls which she ignored the whole day, I left voice msgs, txts and even a msg in her house... I think she didn't want to come but also didnt want to say no which suprises me, after all she is an adult.
She said she was sick( angina ) which I don't buy because earlier yesterday and had contacted a girl by mistake which was a babysitter we had ages ago and although I didnt even ask her to come she sent a msg saying she can come cause she has angina...
I can understand not wanting to babysit in New Years, but agreeing to do so and pull out in the last minute is bad, she ruined my plans tottaly.

I also have to say she blew a great opportunity, as I liked her kid playing with mine, they got along fine, I was going to ask her to come to my place in Palermo like 3 times a week. But now I will look for somebody else.

I am sending msgs thru here because you PM isnt receiving.