Need a budget for living in BsAs


Aug 23, 2006
Hi everyone,
My boyfriend and I are moving to BsAs for four or five months in February. While it would be ideal to get a job there so that we could have some extra spending money, I know from what I have heard and read that the market is fiercely competitive and the likelihood of that is slim. So, we have been saving a good deal and working on a budget. Is there anyone there who can give us a rough number as to what we should expect for living expenses, rent, etc per week or month? We don't live lavishly and are used to being frugal by this point, but would also like to enjoy ourselves and what this city has to offer. We were thinking of spending 500-600 bucks a month on rent. Is that reasonable for a clean, but not too fancy apartment in a safe area? I know everyone has different standards, but I'm not looking for anything too specific here, just some rough numbers.
Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Hi Nancy,
I recomend u to find an appartment/house in the Greater BUE. Some extra travel time. Some cents spent in transportation, but cheaper than downtown.
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I am moving to BA in January and I found a room to rent in an apartment in Las Canitas (which is a good neighborhood) with one other person. I am going to pay 300 USD per month which includes all bills (and internet). I have been told that short term rentals are more expensive because you don't have to sign a lease (which is usually 18 months) and you don't have to pay a deposit. I would check out first. I found that there are cheap options there. A lot of apartment sites that cater to expats are expensive apartments. If you want your own apartment for the two of you, you may be able to get a studio for 600 USD but I doubt you could get a one bedroom for that price at least in the good neighborhoods in BA.
Good luck!
You may find something reasonable on Craigslist, but the odds are against it. USD 600 can get you a one-bedroom apartment in Recoleta or Palermo (short-term rental, of course), but you have to know where to look. Too many cowboys in the market trying to fleece visitors for everything they can. Caveat Emptor.
Hi Nolagirl,
I sent you a note replying to your post.
I hope the info helps you out.
You can certainly find a decent, furnished studio in Recoleta, Palermo, Palermo Viejo for $550 to $650 US. A one are looking at around $700 and up. Nothing fancy but safe. There are affordable apartments available and not everyone is out to get you. Frankly, make your life a little easier and use one of the many available apartment-rental sites. The first time I came I used ByTArgentina and had a fantastic experience; the staff is helpful and you meet the owners. And no, I do not work for them...

It also depends on what you mean by enjoying the city. Are you in your 20s and a party animal? Are you looking for something more sophisticated? BA neighborhoods all have very distinct personalities, even more so after hours. San Telmo is very "charming" on a Sunday afternoon. You do not want to be walking around late at night by yourself. Centro is dead after dark.

Regarding money, save more than you need, spend less than you can. Yes, the exchange is great, but prices have gone up. Some things much, much cheaper than in the US; others, such as olive oil (the good kind), are much more.

It''s still relatively affordable; just don't assume you'll live on $10 US a day...
I work with my partner Laura, she is american, and I can tell you that we usually negotiate with property owners on behalf of fellow expats who are looking for a rent. I am local so I can speak their language: for a 5 month rental I can find you a nice one bedroom in either Palermo, Barrio Norte, Recoleta or Belgrano. I did it before, I can do it again. AS for a monthly budget it may vary. If you want to be as cheap as possible, you can make it with 650 rent, 150 utilities, 250 for food, and some 300 extra for going out and transportation. This is realistic imho. If anything feel free to contact me.
That was a pretty realistic budget...however, the numbers I quoted you include utilities, if renting through an agency.