Need a cheep apartment


Feb 21, 2006
Hi everybody,

I need a cheep apartment reel bad. I'm staying in a scarey place on Urigoyen and can't stand it anymore. Can anyone please help me. Please! I thought this city was inexpensive but everyplace I've looked at costs to much. You can reach me at [email protected].

Thanks a bunch

dear honneybunnie,

I'm not sure if you have found a place or not. I think that this may be a difficult time to find one because many Argentinians are on vacation . Ironically it seems that they want to get away from Buenos Aires because they think that it is too hot. For me, being from Missouri, that is one of the main attractions. I have finally found a very nice apartment in Recoletta for $500 a month with all of the services that you can imagine including a high speed internet connection. I found it through ByTargentina. I was surprised that the apartment is pretty much the way I thought that it would be from looking on their website (maybe a little bit smaller) and it is in an even better neighborhood than I had imagined. They are a very large company and they have something like 900 apartments all over the city. I tried to contact Alohaargentina and BApartments as well and they were not very helpful at all. I got the impression, from the way that I was being treated by the other Real Estate agencies, that this is a time in B.A. where it is a sellers market for the tourists and that they couldn't be bothered to look for an apartment in the price range that I was seeking. Maybe at a different time of the year they would have been more willing to help. If I were you I would go on the ByTargentina website and take a look. Keep in mind that as a foreigner you would be expected to commit to a 2 year lease with a local gaurantor in order to secure an apartment at the local price. My apartment is priced above what the average Argentinian would be willing to pay but it is priced far below what I could get for the same money even in my home town of St Louis. If you can't arrange the guarantor and aren't planning to be here long (and you don't have an Spanish speaking Argentinian friend to help you find a cheaper place) I think that you should expect to pay at least $400 a month for a place here. Another place to look is on the yesba website. You need to register with them but it is for free and they will send a newsletter to your e-mail. In their newsletter there are ads for locals and expats wanting a roommate and in some cases the deals look really good. The only thing is that you may have to live with someone that you don't really know and (I don't know if you are already in B.A. or not) but it would probab;y help to be here and meet them and see the place yourself. I hope that some of this info helps.
Can you put the full web address for YESBA.
I tried to search for this an did get anywhere.
Here are some sites that I used to find my apartment with varying degrees of success:
I think that you have to register here
This company was the most helpful in my case.
This company only provided one option which I had to accept sight unseen. I had some reservations about the property so I sent back an e-mail within hours of them contacting me. When I asked to see it before sending the rent all of the sudden it had been rented.
This company was not helpful at all. They sent me a message saying that they deal in luxury apartments and had rented all of their units in my price range. I only mention them here because they were recommended on another expat site.

also for Spanish speakers try

I hope that this helps.