Need a Movie Fix: Tonight


Feb 12, 2009
How does one find out online where the theaters are and what's playing? It's raining and I've got cabin fever.

Or, if anyone knows any specific movie theater info for the Palermo area, that would be a short cab ride for me.

what did u have in mind..i might be interested in getting together with peolpe for a night out on the town
My favourite is cinemark in the streets behind alto Palermo. Google 'cinemark 10' for the site.
If it's not too late and you're up for a group like SimonM suggested, I'd be up for joining in! My cell is 11-3850-0490, feel free to send me a text. (I may see that faster than something you post here.) I live in Palermo not far from Alto Palermo, so that theater would be easy for me to get to. (or wherever else!)
Thanks everyone,

I gave up and went across the street for a glass of wine. But thanks for the replies ....I'll use the info in the future.
My personal favorite is Showcase, on Av. Monroe and Arrebenos in Belgrano.
I like it 'cause:

1) It's pretty easy to get to by bus or train (linea mitre, est. Belgrano), and they have most current movies showing.

2) It's close to "Chinatown" so a movie can be combined with a cheap chinese dinner.
My current favorite Peruvian restaurant "LaCumma" is only a few blocks away on Olazabel y Arrebenos, as well as "Lotus" (Thai) and "Hong Kong Style" (Montanesas y Juramento - Very good Dim Sum!)

Another pretty good parilla is "Pobre Luis", on Arrebenos just a block or two south of Showcase.