Need info on immigration requirements for Husband


Dec 7, 2006
I am trying to find out the process at the U.S. Embassy for getting my Argentine husband to come to the USA. Have any of you done this? Do you have horror stories or was it simply a bureaucratic process if having the proper documents required,. Any info would be appreciate.
You may wish to call the embassy. Ask to speak with a consular officer. The advice is free, the guidance is good, and they do speak English.
Oviously I was going to call the U.S. Embassy and obviously they speak English there. I just wanted to have an idea of the steps involved in the process and hear what others had to say about it first.
i didn't mean to offend anyone. All I meant to say is that as a U.S. citizen, I will obviously have to go to the U.S. Embassy to obtain a visa for my husband and I would assume the people working in the Embassy of the U.S. would speak English. That's all...
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