Need Renters Insurance


Hello,We just moved to BA from NYC. We've rented an apartment in San Telmo. We'd like to get renters insurance to cover our belongings. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this in Argentina? A search for "insurance" didn't turn up anything in the archives on this.


Hola Jason,
The word for insurance in Spanish is "seguros" and a quick google search would have lead you to Mapfre. They provide homeowners' insurance and may also offer coverage for renters. I am very happy with the price (you can choose the level of coverage) and the service. I have had one small claim for water damage and these was no problem or deductible. I looked up the "listado de oficinas" and did not see one in San Telmo, but there is on at Lavalle 348 , tel 4320-8699. Don't expect them to speak English. Suerte! Steve