Need Voice over - French, Dutch, scandanavian langs

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Feb 16, 2010
We need speakers of the following languages for some upcoming voice-over narration:

Dutch (south holland compatible with Flemish accent)

The French and Dutch are more urgent. We need males or females for all languages.

This work is expected over the next couple of months, so you would need to be staying here longer term in BA. This particular project would need to be recorded during the mornings as the client is in Europe and would be listening in.

We will be setting up a day next week for sample recordings where you can come and record your voice sample. (the client picks the voice they like) The studio is in Palermo Viejo. Even if your sample is not picked for this particular project, we can keep it on file for future work as well.

Payment for VO recording is $15usd per hour, paid at the end of the recording. This particular project would require at least 15 to 20 hours of recording.

We also require linguistic monitors who are native speakers of the language being recorded in order to double check that words aren't skipped, mispronounced, etc. This pays $12usd per hour.

Please note there is no payment for recording a voice sample. This will only take 10 minutes or so.

The client is asking for more mature, narrarator type voices for this project and they are quite picky. However, if you have a younger sounding voice, you can still come and record a sample anyway and we'll keep it on file.
Hi Andovar

I'm a 45-year old Danish woman living in Bs.As. who's interested in this, however, depending on the exact time (need to take kids to school). Can you provide a bit more information or do you have a phone No to call?

Hi Andovar,

I am a French 27-year old woman living in Buenos Aires. I am interested in joining the sample recording sessions. When and where should I go ? Thank you !
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