NEEDED ASAP: Temporary foster home for my two dogs


Hi everyone. I need someone to look over my two dogs. Please be dog

loves and his is a perfect opportunity for someone intersted in

getting a dog themselves or loves dogs but can't commit to owning one


I would need them to be watched for a couple of weeks until I find an

apartment in my budget that will allow dogs.

They are both great dogs and won't spoil in doors if let out properly.

They get a long great and I would love if they can live together to

not seperate them, but if needed, they can be seperated. One is a 1

year old Shar Pei and the other one is a 4 year old Pit Bull. I would

provide the food.

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to meet them and care for


Thanks you!!!

I'm not sure how to attach pictures, but just send me an email address

and I'll send you pictures.