Hi Nancy, I emailed Nancy but the message was undeliverable as the address was misspelled or doesn't exist. I double checked and it was definitely spelled correctly. Perhaps you have another email address for Martha?
Sorry, I meant to say I emailed Martha!

Martin L

I recommend Punta Chica in San Fernando. I realize it would be considered as a suburb and that might not be your goal but what's nice of it is that it has BAICA close by. It also has great public access to the river (which other areas of BA don't have) and the activities that come along with it. BAICA is an international school (they follow the northern calendar) that has a unique approach to TCKs (Third Culture Kids). I'm pretty sure that after living abroad for that long it will be hard for you to call Argentina your "home". And I suspect your kids are going to go through that transition themselves. The other school that has similar characteristics is Lincoln School in La Lucila.

Full disclosure: my son goes to BAICA and I work there :)