Netflix - No More Proxy


I'm sure someone will find a way around this.
Yes, there's no way to implement a working geoblocking solution without causing major inconveniences for the regular paying viewers. On the other hand, I'd imagine Netflix itself doesn't really care about people using the content of its other countries, but is forced by the content licensees to "do something"...
For those who consider using torrents for TV shows: I'm using sonarr and plex since month and it's working like a charm: as soon as a new episode of one of the TV shows I'm interested in is available, it gets downloaded automatically in the desired quality and added to the media library.


From what I've read, I'd guess that there maybe 20 million people using US Netflix from outside the US (2 million in Australia alone). At $9 per month thats over $2 billion dollars in annual annual subscription revenue that Netflix will lose if they block these viewers. I don't expect that they'll try very hard.

With 20 million customers waiting, it wont be very long before entrepreneurs develop countermeasures. Without knowing what Netflix is planning, I'd guess about a week.


There's lots of site for free tv, has episodes as soon as they're released and is my preferred site for movies.



By itself not illegal... using non supported add ons is on the iffy side. So use it as you please, but I will say it does come in handy when living somewhere that has geo locked content...

Might be a little difficult for those who are not tech savvy... for me it is a simple setup, but everyone I show it too seems to have problems figuring out how to install and set it up.

But if you want to watch content you cant get here, this is a suggestion. By no means am I telling you to do something illegal.


Is piracy even illegal here in Argentina? I know they were trying to block the piratebay, very clumsily of course, but I guess no one will really do anything to you. Anyway, until my salary is third of what my colleagues in us are getting, I don't feel very bad to stream some content from shady source..