Neuquen City - Opinions?


La Birra (Santa Fe 19) is pretty good for Italo-Argentine, though its beer selection is more limited than you might expect from the name.

Alta Barda has some of the best residential real estate, and good open space, though it lacks other services.
Yeah Neuquen didn't seem to have any "Beer" places when i was there but there were quite a few microbreweries in the surrounding area, making some decent stuff.


What is Neuquen City like? Im thinking of moving down south and Neuquen seems the best bet on paper/screen at least for its not too big not too small size and relative proximity to the lakes region. I plan to visit there first but still opinions would be appreciated.
Its a shithole with a negative vibe In Patagonia Bariloche Rio Negro and Esquel Chubut are great cities with the best natural attractions just kilometres from their centre
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