New arrival -- anyone wanna meet for dinner/drink?


Hi all -
I moved to Buenos Aires 2 weeks ago with my good friend and are planning on living here for at least a year. We just moved into an apartment in Recoleta (Callao and Quintana) and are interested in meeting new people as well. My email is, we are coming from NYC. Hope to hear from you!

Also, does anyone rockclimb? I have been looking for a good indoor gym and a partner if anyone is interested, or knows of a good gym in the city. I found two online and am going to check them out this week.


I would also like to come after the Meditacion massiva at the planetariam park - it is supposed to end at 1:30


Greetings from a 29-year-old kid from New York (or New England, USA if one jumps back 7-ish years) who would be up for joining in a potential meet-up. I've been in BA off and on since May 2006 (about 75% here) and recently realized I ought go out and meet new people. I'm living in San Telmo again now and up for meeting for a beer or whatever if someone is interested and willing to take a chance on hanging out with unfamiliar folk, which I reckon other people are if they are posting on such a message board.


Sunday Asado at Tranquera ....
Are we still on for this? Was there room for everyone that replied? I will be walking from the event at the Planetarium. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day.Any idea how much the cost so I am prepared?
There seems to be some fellow New Englanders in this thread. It will be nice to meet you.


Hi - I'm a 31 yr. old guy from the east coast of the US, most recently spent 3 years in NYC before moving here in Dec. I'm organsing events for expats so that people like yourselves can meet others and ease the integration into BA life. We're having a happy hour tonight @ Happy Hour Series - Mendez Bar (Palermo) Honduras 5551, between Humbolt & Fitz Roy. Be great if you'd like to come out and join our merry bunch. Hope to meet some of you tonite- Martin


How did this get together go? Was the restaurant any good? There is a La Tranquera somewhere around La Pampa as well and was wondering if the big party of Oct. 7th turn out big numbers.
WynnsWood, since you went how was the food, menu selection, atmosphere, service and the group altogether? Can you please give us some recommendations?


WW and I went - met some nice people from another forum - not sure which one - and some passer-thrus - short stay people - one month or so and one vegan who came simply to DO marketing on us. It was comical but sometimes painful. Sorry - not trying to sound catty - but it was so assaulting it was absurd - this woman made the experience seem like a cross between a Woody Allen film and a Joe Sedlelmeir commercial. (fast fedex guy, where's the beef, and Mr Coffee - pots being thrown out of apt. windows onto the postman - great stuff from the late 70's - absurd.)
As for the restaurant - we (all but one vegan) shared 2 parrillas and one bife de chorizo. (So I would not call it an asado - just meat) The bife was good - the rest - NOT. It is the Tanqueria on La Pampa y Liberator. That is the problem when you meet up at a tourbook place - better to take some out-othway restaurant suggestions from people that have lived here for awhile.I would like to try another meet up for a lunch. Since the woman that originally posted had not re-posted (turns out she did not have internet access) WW decided we would just go and see who showed up anyway and punt from there.Any ideas?