New arrival!


Oct 10, 2007
Hello all! I've just arrived in Buenos Aires (about 3 weeks ago) and would love to meet up with some fellow English-speakers - esp Brits (I'm from the UK). I'm here for 3 months in the first instance, because I'm trying out Argentine life with my boyfriend (a Porteno). We met in UK and now it's my turn to up sticks and sample his life here! Anway, I haven't had a proper look round this site yet, but I guess I can find events here to attend, or groups to meet up with, or whatever? I want to immerse myself in Castellano and Argentina, of course, but sometimes it's nice to relax and just speak English!! Anyone in a similar situation to me, I'd love to hear from!
Hi!! It's so exciting to hear about a new person who is excited about live in BA. I'm writing to you because from your post it seems like you want to be involved in the English and Spanish language culture and Id like to give you my best advice. I came here as an ex-pat a year ago and I really wanted to learn spanish. I had a terrible time going from school to school and meeting dissapointing private teachers...and finally I found the perfect place. It is called Alem School, and it is really a haven for lost ex-pats. The guys who run it are so wonderful, like immediate friends in a place where you feel completely comfortable. They have helped me become fluent and have taught me everything I know about BA and Argentina...form history to football to asado. It is located in a BEAUTIFUL part of the centro and I'd love to hook you up with their info. Just write me back if you want and I can help you out asap...I hope you are having a blast so far! Abrazo, Madi