new Bella


May 2, 2008
have not a clue asto the correct procedure....just want to sing and dance in the streets. is BA a good place for this sort of subversive activity.....oh and learning the tango and getting fluent in spanish wud be good too.

sorry if my naivete is showing...cause far too old for that excuse.
Welcome. I am not sure if there is much singing in the streets, but sit too long in a cafe in Boca an someone will grab you to Tango.
Spanish here has an Italian accent, only really a good place to learn spanish Argentine style. This place is not Eldorado, just read some of the posts, but it has something that will grab you and not let go. I came here the first time in 2004 just for the Tango, now I have an appartment in Almagro and am planning my retirement here.
If you have soul and passion you will love it.
Hello Tango Bob: dont want to appear a poser as I still live in USA. But Buenos Aires is a goal for me. Currently selling my home in Atlanta, GA moving to our family's homestead in Palm Bay, FL.
I plan to gift myself Buenos Aires once I sell my house and just wanted to chat I guess. So thank you for responding. guess I'll go and write my profile now....yipee.
Hope to hear from u again.