New D&D Group


Hello all,
Matt here again. Sigh. I didn't expect to be explaining what D&D is, but I suppose that I should.
Nice Homer clip on YouTube, by the way. Anyway, D&D is Monopoly, or any other board game. However, there isn't a "board" since the game occurs in the imagination of the participants. It has nothing to do with the occult, satan, etc...I'm not very familiar with that anyway. It's more like...pretending to be characters in a medieval movie, like Lord of the Rings (from which D&D was based). Like Gandalf the wizard. Nothing involved with evil, just fun stuff pretending to cast a spell of some sort to defeat a monster of some kind, with a cool catchphrase if possible, like "You...Shall...Not...PASS!" That makes more sense if you've seen Lord of the Rings. It's fun, and if someone is interested in watching a game, that's fine. As I mentioned in my original post, you can find out more at
With regard to playing once, instead of in an ongoing campaign, that's fine, but I must warn you that it IS an addictive game, like watching soccer for some, and if you don't have enough time, I'd recommend that you not start, since my intention is to establish an ongoing campaign. However, if you think you might be able to fit in a weekly Saturday afternoon game or whenever we decide to play, or if you really have the self-control to only play once and not find out what happens if we end on a cliffhanger, then I welcome you.


Hey Matt, your meetup group seems to be cancelled. What happened? I'm a gamer geek who's been travelling around the world for a year...hence no D&D playing. I just flew here from Cape Town, South Africa, and came across your post while reading this forum. I'll be in BA for at least a month, probably til Christmas (with side trips around South America), and possibly for good. So, if you get a game together, I'd love to play. Feel free to email me at kenmtraveller at yahoo dot com. Ken