New Eco-Friendly Laundry Company in Palermo!


Full Disclosure - I know the owner:D

The Laundry Company has launched in Palermo.. It's on El Salvador 5537 between Humboldt and Fitz Roy. They offer laundry, dry-cleaning, hand-washing, etc. It has brand new machines, offers free pickup and delivery in the area and is an environmentally responsible company. The delivery service is by bicycle or their own feet, their washing machines use 40% less energy and they use low-impact detergents.

It's a great store and I am so excited about it. I've had terrible experiences with laundry here (clothes that were stolen, ruined or came back dirty). I am making a special trip to his store just because I trust him with my clothes.

You can check them out at:
or on facebook at:


That's awesome - Phillipe (the owner) sent me the link this morning. I know he is thrilled. Thanks for submitting it!

And for you expats that aren't comfortable in Spanish - Phillipe is Australian so you can chat with him in English and explain if you need anything special done. He's always there in the evenings and weekends.


Sounds good, I might give it a try, how much does the aussie charge for one load? I couldn't find it on the website


Hi Guys,

Thanks very much for your comments. At this time, the price per load (Valet) is $16. Wash, dried and beautifully folded ;-)

Look forward to seeing you in the store, El Salvador 5537, Esq. Humbolt.

- Phillipe


Good experience for anyone wanting to meet the real Argentina, English spoken. I would give a special recommendation to any first time visitor in flip-flops.

My wife left things with the shop for dry cleaning. She was given a receipt and asked to come back Friday. I went on Saturday and was told it would arrive on Monday. When I picked the stuff up on Tuesday the following happened:

30 ARS surcharge because two of the pillow cases were size 50*50 and not 40*40.

When I opposed I was given the rethorical question whether the owner should pay this from his own pocket. When suggesting that we had agreed on a price which was given on my receipt and that I did not want to pay, the owner told me that I was not helping the situation. I thus kept quiet and tried to help out.

Which in concrete and practical terms meant identifying the suit that my wife had left them and picking out a coat that looked like something she occasionally wears. When I pointed out that it was unconventional for a dry cleaning place to not use any numbering system at all, the owner told me that he agreed on that point in specific.

In case you want a professional dry cleaning service in Buenos Aires, please be advised that there are hundreds and hundreds of them. The Laundry Company is not one, although it is pricey. Our adventure cost me 170 ARS and I will not go back unless my wife tells me that the coat is someone else's and that I have to try to find hers...


I have been visiting Buenos Aires for years and spend extensive periods of time here because of my job. The one thing I had not been able to find was a good laundry. This was until a friend told me about The Laundry Company.
I was amazed when I first visited this place by how beautiful, clean and modern it is. It really is like no laundry I had seen before and being from New York, I have see quite a few!

I have been so happy with this place. They are not only environmentally friendly but they truly do a fantastic job! Every item comes back perfectly washed and smelling so good! I did not realize that my white T-shirts could be so white again! They also do a great job with dry-cleaning.
Their prices are very competitive. And the staff could not be nicer and more welcoming.
As a significant added bonus, they deliver which is so convenient.
I know it sounds odd but visiting my Buenos Aires laundry actually became something I look forward to.

I strongly recommend this place!


Hopefully laundry with just a fresh smell. Using different ones I found myself choosing between their different awful detergent scents.