new kid on the block


Apr 1, 2009
Hey expats,

I'm a 24yr old fem. writer from Sydney, I've just arrived in town. Right now, I'm sitting in my hostel in San Telmo next to the reception man who is trying to blow up a picture of (an Argentinian?) Wonder Woman on his computer. I've had a really crazy last couple weeks in Sydney so had absolutely no time to plan my first steps here, though I'll be staying in Bs.As. for at least a year. I know no one in the city as yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to find fellow ramblers soon enough. touch wood.

So I thought I'd put out an open call to anyone out there -
- drink/coffee tonight/this week in San Telmo? meals are also a good idea but I'm not sure what time ppl eat around here, so I'm open to suggestion
- anyone looking for a flatmate? STelmo area would be great but again, open to suggestion. Looking for about the 1000p mark, but would definitely move up for a double bed and private bathroom.

I've yet to get an argie sim card, but if you PM me with your details I'll holla over skype or whatever.

Other than that, any tips would be most welcome!
Cheers kids,
I Have also just got back to BA after been away for about 2 years, and am looking to make more friends as a lot of the old ones i had are gone :( I am staying for at least a year this time when i decide what i want to do with my life and where i want to do it. I own an apartment in San Telmo which i have been renting out. So if anyone wants to get together in San Telmo hit me up. 38yr old male from California.

P.S. Miriam I sent you a PM
If you guys are planning anything in STelmo tonight, we'd like to meet up too... i've pm'd Miriam
I'm going to post this somewhere more appropriate as well, but since I saw here that people are looking to do something in San Telmo...

a GREAT funk band from the US is playing tonight in San Telmo. They're called Galactic, and will definitely make you dance! I was very excited when I stumbled upon the advertisement on the street the other day.

Would love to meet up with anyone interested before the show for some drinks. Send me an email @ [email protected] if you're ready to get funky!

Hi Miriam, welcome to Buenos Aires!

I thought I´d let you know that another girl from the forum, Michelle, and I are trying to plan a meetup on Sunday in Palermo (near the Alto Palermo, subway D line Bulnes stop) - here´s the thread if you´re interested!

Let us know if you´re interested in coming!! That goes for everyone, too.

Hi guys-

I'm in town too and am interested in meeting up as well.

Let me know when you have planned something or send me an e-mail and we can figure something out.


Hey everyone,

Throw my hat into that ring. I'm fresh here as of two weeks ago. I'm thinking about replying to get-together KatharineAnn mentioned above as well, but since this thread is to all the really really newbies, I figured I would stick my name out here too. I'd love to meet for coffee or dinner or something. Just PM me with details or contact information!