new mothers' group?


Jul 9, 2009
Hi all,

I just had my first baby in December, and was wondering if there were any new mothers out there who might want to get together for coffee, walking, advice exchange, etc? Would be great to get out of the house more and meet other moms with new babies! (I've seen the playgroup posts, but think maybe with a newborn that might not be as good a fit as those are mostly toddlers...though I'm not sure, am happy to hear if otherwise?!)

Let me know if you'd like to meet up!
Congratulations on your new baby! Might you be free on a Saturday morning at about 11.30 somewhere near the botanical gardens? Sorry to be a bit specific (!) but if you were then I could leave my toddler napping at home and come out with my baby also born in December.
Hello, I am not a new mother just yet, but will be in May. As the due date gets closer I am starting to realize I don't have any friends that are moms and I think I could use a few :)
hello.,.. i had my baby in feb. we would also like to make some friends... let me know if your all are planning something i will come. :)
Hey ladies, I had a baby girl in September and would be interested in organizing a young babies playgroup with other new moms. Most of the playgroups I know of are mainly toddlers, so it would be great to find a few more mother's with younger babies.
Could someone point me to the info about toddler groups?

And please tell me that in this ultra-sexist country that I wouldn't be shunned for being a single dad by an expat group?
Hi Alzinho, not sure how old your baby is - am sending you some info in a PM now!
Hi, we have just moved to Palermo with our 3 month old son. Are you still seeing eachother in a mothers/fathers group? If yes, please let me know :)