New to BsAs


Oct 18, 2009
Hi Im Jackie from NY. I will be going to BsAs Nov/Dec. I am looking for an apt in Palermo and would love to meet new people. I am 31. I LOVE to dance, do sports, and I need to practice my spanish as well! I am currently on a year long trip around the world. Only 5 weeks in and Ive seen and done so much! My blog is on Nice to meet you!:D
Hi Jackie,
Welcome to BA!, (in advance)

I´m a fellow Newyorker, but also half Argentine, living here since high-school.
I´ll be happy to get you quickly up to date on all the major current activities in BA where you can meet both locals and expats in your same situation.

I don´t know how much time you´ve set aside for BA, but people usually feel that 2 or 3 months is not enough, and you just happen to be coming for the best 6 months to be in this city. (except for Jan-Feb where you could join the different vacationing scenes)

Let us know when you arrive from CBA.
Hi Jackie, what a wonderful trip are you doing, congratulations! I'm sure you will enjoy Buenos Aires a lot.
I'm the owner of Buenos Aires Housing, we rent temporary apartments in the main neighborhoods.
I would like to help in your search of accommodations. If we don't have what are you looking for I can recommend you other companies.
I can also help you for anything you could need here, although for night life and places to meet people it will be better Joe for sure.
If you like to visit our website it is:
Please let me know any questions.
Looking forward to hear from you.