New to the board, moving down to BsAs Next Nov :)


Jul 8, 2009
Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan and I've made two trips to Buenos Aires so far, first time in the Fall of 2008 for a semester abroad and a second trip in November 2006. Right now I work for a real estate investor association, but have a plan I've been following as far as saving up and building up work that I can take with me.

I love Buenos Aires and am super happy to have found this board and look forward to contributing any way I can! :)

For anyone in Argentina who wants to chat my Messenger is [email protected]
I do freelance work through our local association and have a handful of consistant clients. Right now I'm dedicating my time to saving money and building my list of clients so I have a good cushion of time to get a hold of sustainability abroad. I do a lot of work in adobe creative suite, copywriting, and seo so what I do is mostly virtual, but I've got a lot of loose ends to tie up before I haul off for good.