buying a laptop in LA California with Spanish keyboard


Jun 26, 2019
Argentine friends are going to LA for a vacation. They want to buy a laptop with a Spanish keyboard. Any suggestions? No, they do not want to buy a laptop with a standard USA qwerty keyboard, and then reconfigure it to Spanish with software. My google search just yields laptops with US keyboard layout specs.
Laptops with Spanish keyboards are used by millions of Latinos in California. Check Amazon or other vendors and have it shipped to your home...

i’ve never seen one. may be san diego with its proximity to the border. even the colombians have tricks to put tildas on the letter. get a touch screen and hold your finger on the letters and options occur. good luck
If you were to end up with a US qwerty, you can always buy Spanish keyboard stickers. This is a cheap fallback solution.
It's not rocket science to know where the ñ is and the fué accent mark
any apple computer can be ordered with a latin keyboard, and in california, my guess is larger apple stores would have them in stock. I bought one last year direct from apple, same cost you just click the right box when buying it online. Apple makes 2 spanish keyboards- one is "latin american spanish", the other is "spanish and catalan, spain".
apple also sells a bluetooth keyboard in a latin american spanish version, its a hundred dollars, and is compatible with windows computers too.
Two keyboard options: Español Argentina or Español México