new to the forum, but not to bsas. now with 7mo old baby!


Sep 28, 2008
hey everyone,
im originally from LA and have been here in buenos aires for 4 years now. came here to study, but then the city wowed me!
i plan on staying, especially now that i have a wonderful boyfriend and a 7 month old boy.
i decided to join baexpats because im looking to start up a playgroup for my baby. in the 4 years ive been here, ive spoken little to no english, now the plan is to make sure baby learns english as well as spanish. im sure he'll have no trouble with the spanish, its the english im worried about.
so, i want to get together with other moms who are interested in the same thing. wonder if any of you have any recommendations as to how to go about it.
thanks and hope to be here often (as much as i can with a full time job and baby!
Hi, a group of mums and babies from this website will be meeting at 2pm on Tuesday 14th October by the fountain in Plaza Alemania. It would be lovely to meet you then. (you can read the "baby group" thread in the womens forum for some details)
I'm new in Buenos Aires with hhusband and 11 mth old baby. Are there are baby groups out there for me and my baby?
We're from England and looking for some groups where we can have a little break from Spanish, and chat in English.
Are any of you in last years threads still running your baby group, would love to get involved.
Hi -

Yes, the baby group still meets. We are a few mums and babies and we pretty regularly meet on a Tuesday afternoon at about 4.30-6pm somewhere near the fountain in Plaza Alemania - we should be meeting again tomorrow.

If you post your email address I'll add you to our mailing list - or just turn up one week and we'll probably be there!
That's great, it's only a short walk from my house.

If all's well at that time for my baby I would love to come along.
Please add me to your mailing list; [email protected].

Look forward to meeting you all.