New Zealander looking for work .


Photography and photoprocessing? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will not have quality of life here in Argentina. You will be competing with people who are willing to work for peanuts in a country with a fairly skilled population and high unemployment. And, you will be a non-native spanish speaker and an evil foreigner.

Even if you get a job and a salary every single day your money will go less far due to inflation. If you have any expenses in NZ that you hope to pay from your AR salary it almost certainly will not work as relative to the value of the NZD you will be paid less and less as each days go by. At some point, you may not even be able to convert your pesos to NZD even if they still had some value.

Sometimes people who grow up in great privilege like someone from NZ cannot understand what the real world is like, but I assure you that unless your "love" is part of the wealth class of Argentina, then you will be coming to AR and face a very rude awakening about life. I recommend to stay in NZ and enjoy the good life.


Well, here is like watching a movie in fast speed. You salary goes down between 1 up to 3 % per day. It is called hyperinflation, google it.

I grew up in Australia and if there is inflation above 5 percent per year people are up in arms. Inflation and devaluation combined are imho financial terrorism on the working classes who can never make ends meet.

D.B. Cooper

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My name is Julie and I am looking to move to Buenos Aire's, and will be looking for full time work . Preferably in the area of Photography and photo processing . But would consider anything .I would be living around the Cachimayo area.
I've used Kinefot here in the city. They do everything, scanning and old style film developing and enlarging.
Just blocks from the Obelisco. But as others have mentioned, now is not a good time to look for work here. Good luck.