newbie from Denver, CO looking in


Dec 9, 2008
Hi - I've been reading away on this site for several hours and decided to join. I am currently in Denver, Colorado seriously looking for a different experience in another country......and I just seem to keep coming back to BA. I have basic Spanish skills owning a construction company and what a great time to sell out of the real estate community after 8 years.

I would say what I'm looking for is quite modest, a solo move to BA, meet some great new people and perhaps stay for a few years stretching what I've nest-egged. I am concerned about the political atmosphere and the entrepreneurial spirit for ex-pats.

Who are the business owners or idea seekers at this site???
I've been here for a little more than a month now....

regarding the political situation, living in the "expat security zone" of Palermo I haven't seen much of anything. Be more worried about petty crime... me and another member of this forum were (unsuccessfully) mugged by two transvestites last weekend!

as far as entrepreneurship goes, i wouldn't look for anything in construction down here... it seems like a rather flooded market. buildings going up on every block.
unsuccessful transvestite mugging.........there's some imagery I can't quite get outta my mind. I can't quite come up with the dialogue...would you take a stab at it for me?

oh no, no, no - wouldn't dream of adding anything to a community that I didn't live. No carpetbagger here. This is the common problem with developers and their architects. They don't live in the neighborhood. I didn't try to build anything in my hood for 5 years until I ran the local neighborhood association and learned what needed to be changed, rather than guessing.

Tell me why you moved there and how you are making a go at it?