Newbie in BA


Hi all, I arrived in BA a couple days ago and need some friends! I quit my job in Washington, D.C. and moved down here, hopefully for at least a year. I´m 27 and decided to take some time off to learn Spanish and imerse myself in a new culture. If anyone would like to meet up for a drink some time or just invite me along to whatever you´re doing I´d really appreciate it. Meeting new people is by far the biggest challenge when moving to a new place. I enjoy good beer, cooking, discussing politics, live music and well basically anything that´s fun. Thanks!


Welcome to the mad cap world of BsAs and it's expats :).... Keep your eyes peeled for drinks/dinner/fun nights.....


You should check out Spanglish. I have met some great people and made some good friends thru this group. Very social and yet you can practice your Spanish.

Wednesday nights in San Telmo. Thursday in Palermo. Saturday events move around. ALL VERY FUN!